Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Edrich Siebert Ken Dodd Selection Selection 551
Edrich Siebert Black & White Minstrels No. 2 Selection 560
Jack Peberdy Village People Medley - Incomplete - no score. Selection 835
Keith Wilkinson Mack and Mabel Selection 609 Jerry Herman
P H Greenwood Bacharach for Brass Selection 611 Burt Bacharach
Nigel Horne 25 Years of YTV Selection 985 Various
Edrich Siebert Beatles Medley No. 1 Selection 107 Lennon & McCartney
Edrich Siebert Fabulous 40's Selection Selection 139
Edrich Siebert Oliver Selection 458 Lionel Bart
Edrich Siebert Wright Selection, The Selection 479
J Ord Hume Community Land No. 2 Selection 590
Edrich Siebert Beatles Medley No. 2 Selection 953 Lennon & McCartney
J Ord Hume Showboat Selection Selection 239 Jerome kern
Edrich Siebert Singalong Selection No.1 Selection 922
Edrich Siebert Forgotten Garden Selection 940
Peter Graham Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber Selection 637 Andrew Lloyd Webber
Denis Wright Kismet Selection Selection 554
Denis Wright King and I, The Selection 509 Richard Rodgers
Denis Wright New Sullivan Selection Selection 505
Overture on Famous English Airs Selection 517 Ernest Tomlinson
Denis Wright Panorama of Famous Songs Selection 523
Derek Ashmore Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Selection 115 Gene De Paul
Songs of the Morning Selection 255 Eric Ball
Hootenanny Selection 41 Harold L Waters
Derek Ashmore Glenn Miller Special - Incomplete - no score. Selection 946

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