Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Ricc Mizell A Tribute to Tommy Dorsey Selection 1230
Roger Barsotti Brahms Hungarian Dances Selection 555 Frederic G CHarrosin
W J Duthoit Gigi Selection Selection 253 Alan Jay Lerner
Various Four Favourite Classical Tunes Selection 23 Various
W Rimmer Carmen Selection 494 Georges Bizet
Edrich Siebert Black & White Minstrels, The Selection 952 Selection
Gordon Langford Fantasy on British Sea Songs Selection 747 Various
Eric Ball Harry Lauders Songs Selection 510
Eric Ball Wizard of Oz Selection, The Selection 561 H Arlen
Gordon Langford A Carmen Fantasy Selection 524 Georges Bizet
Gordon Langford A Steven Foster Fantasy Selection 581
Gordon MacKenzie Florrie Ford's Favourites Selection 507 R Stoddon
Gordon Langford A Sullivan Fantasy Selection 668 Arthur Sullivan
Eric Ball Themes from Symphony No. 5 Selection 387 Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Goff Richards Best of Scott Joplin, The Selection 207 Scott Joplin
Frank Bryce Simon & Garfunkel Melodies - Incomplete - no soprano. Selection 123 Simon & Garfunkel
Frank Bernaerts Best of ABBA, The - Incomplete - no score. Selection 836 B Andersson & B Ulvaeus
Frank Bernaerts Stevie Wonder In Concert - Incomplete - no score. Selection 817 Stevie Wonder
Frank Bryce Carpenters Selection - Incomplete - no soprano. Selection 128
Frank Wright Melodies of Britain - Fantasia Selection 549
Goff Richards James Bond Collection Selection 862
Goff Richards A Disney Fantasy Selection 620
J H Howe Hello Dolly Selection 37 Jerry Herman
J Ord Hume Community Land No. 1 - Incomplete - no soprano. Selection 492
Edrich Siebert Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Selection 268 R M & R B Sherman

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