Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Frank Bernaerts Candle In The Wind - Incomplete - no score or bass trombone. Popular Song 1001 Elton John & Bernie Taupin
Derek Ashmore Hey, Mr Music Man - Incomplete - no score. Popular Song 883 Blackburn
David Hughes Quando Quando Quando - Incomplete - no score. Popular Song 961 Renis & Testa
Frank Bernaerts La Bamba Popular Song 1190 Los Lobos
Derek Broadbent YMCA Popular Song 914 Morali, Belolo & Willis
Derek Broadbent Do You Know the Way To San Jose Popular Song 608 H David & B Bacharach
Edrich Siebert Tie A Yellow Ribbon Popular Song 65 Irwin Levine
Duncan Stubbs Wherever You Are Popular Song 986 Paul Mealor
Elgar Howarth Embraceable You Popular Song 1085 George Gershwin
Edrich Siebert Puppet On A String - Incomplete - no 2nd baritone Popular Song 133 Bill Martin
Edrich Siebert Congratulations Popular Song 839 Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
Eric Banks Black Magic Woman Popular Song 206 Peter Green
Jack Peberdy Agadoo - Incomplete - no score. Popular Song 956 Symile, Delancery & Peram
Frank Bernaerts Love Shine A Light Popular Song 808 Kimberley Rew
Ray Woodfield La Bamba - Incomplete - no 1st baritone. Popular Song 643
Ray Woodfield Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Popular Song 911 Kaye / Prince
Rob Hume Blame it on the Boogie Popular Song 1185 Jackson
Jack Peberdy When I Fall In Love - Incomplete - no score Popular Song 845 Young & Heyman
Ray Farr One Voice Popular Song 753 Barry Manilow
Jack Peberdy Macarthur Park Popular Song 618 Jim Webb
Jack Peberdy I Write the Songs Popular Song 605 Johnstone
R Sebregts Leningrad Popular Song 792 Billy Joel
J McInnes Smith Mandy Popular Song 320 Furio Rendine
H Nash Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Popular Song 629 Richard Leigh
Steve Sykes Angels Popular Song 1189 Robbie Williams

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