Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
On The Quarter Deck March 81 Kenneth J Alford
Praise Incomplete - no score March 1055 W. Heaton
Nothing Do I Bring - Incomplete - no soprano or flugel. Hymn / Religious 789 William Broughton
Two Choral Preludes - Incomplete - no solo trombone or 3rd cornet. Hymn / Religious 28 Gordon Jacob
We Bow Our Heads Hymn / Religious 266 J S Bach
Fantasy on Good King Wenceslas Christmas 718 Roy Newsome
Our God Reigns - Incomplete - no soprano or flugel. Hymn / Religious 789 James Anderson
A Military Church Parade - Incomplete - no soprano, rep/flug, 3rd cornets, 2nd hn & 2nd trom. Hymn / Religious 546 J Ord Hume
Abide with Me Hymn / Religious 328 Gerald Fraser
In Memorium / Last Post / Reveille Hymn / Religious 327
Nothing Do I Bring Hymn / Religious 800 William Broughton
A Christmas Finale Christmas 1136 Paul Lovatt Cooper
A Christmas Fantasy Christmas 705 Gordon Langford
Joy of Christmas, The Christmas 994 Robert Redhead
Star in the East, The Christmas 991 William E Bearchell
Herald Angels, The Christmas 991 Erik Leidzen
Christmas Tidings Christmas 991 Richard Holz
Two Christmas Pieces - Coventry Carol & O Leave Your Sheep Christmas 1061 Patrick C Rivers
Christmas Praise Christmas 829 Noel Jones
Christmas Crackers Christmas 701 Ray Woodfield
Ding Dong! - Carol Arrangement Christmas 699 Richard Phillips
A Carol Fantasy Christmas 1087 Eric Ball
Arise, My Soul, Arise! Hymn / Religious 594 Dean Goffin
He Can Break Every Fetter Hymn / Religious 596 K Downie
Metropolis March March 1027 Kenneth Ketteringham

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