Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Darrol Barry Wind Beneath My Wings, The - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 645 L Henley & J Silbar
Darrol Barry For Your Eyes Only - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 827 Bill Conti
Alan Fernie Every Time We Say Goodbye Solo 1239 Cole Porter
Alan Fernie Basin Street Blues - TROMBONE TRIO Solo 1047 Spencer Williams
A Holiday Suite Test Piece 161 Eric Ball
Saga of Haakon the Good, The Test Piece 1131 Philip Sparke
Prize Winners, The Test Piece 395 Philip Sparke
Montage Test Piece 884 Peter Graham
A Moorside Suite Test Piece 163 Gustav Holst
Cross Patonce Test Piece 1135 Goff Richards
Paganini Variations Test Piece 899 Philip Wilby
Tournament For Brass Test Piece 655 Eric Ball
Triumphant Rhapsody Test Piece 654 Gilbert Vinter
Simon Called Peter Test Piece 151 Gilbert Vinter
Plantagenets, The Test Piece 636 Edward Gregson
Introduction & Allegro Test Piece 140 Gareth Wood
A London Overture Test Piece 622 Philip Sparke
Oliver Cromwell Test Piece 370 Henry Geehl
Music From Kantara Test Piece 859 Kenneth Downie
Pageantry Test Piece 377 Herbert Howells
Trittico - Incomplete - no score. Test Piece 870 James Curnow
Resurgam Test Piece 384 Eric Ball
Rising Generation, The - Incomplete - no 1st horn or bass trombone. Test Piece 382 Edrich Siebert
Prisms Test Piece 871 Peter Graham
Prelude for an Occasion Test Piece 670 Edward Gregson

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