Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Bolton & Banks Summertime - SOPRANO SOLO Solo 925 George Gershwin
Pop Goes the Weasel - Incomplete - no soprano or Bb bass. Misc 966 George Hawkins
Fascination Misc 141 George Hawkins
. Three Musketeers, The Test Piece 486 George Hespe
Robin Hood TV / Film / Stage 218 George MacFarren
Philip Harper Wake Me Up Before You Go-go Popular Song 1112 George Michael
W Rimmer Carmen Selection 494 Georges Bizet
Gordon Langford A Carmen Fantasy Selection 524 Georges Bizet
Charles Godfrey Carmen Selection 498 Georges Bizet
Robert Oughton Romance - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 298 Georges Bizet
Keith Wilkinson Deep Inside The Sacred Temple - EUPHONIUM DUET Solo 974 Georges Bizet
Abide with Me Hymn / Religious 328 Gerald Fraser
George Hawkins Coronation March from Le Prophete - Incomplete - no flugel or 1st horn. March 828 Giacomo Meyerbeer
Robert Le Diable (Andante Religioso) quartet/ensemble 8 Giacomo Meyerbeer
Dinorah quartet/ensemble 7 Giacomo Meyerbeer
Roberto Il Diavolo (Allegro Baccanale) quartet/ensemble 15 Giacomo Meyerbeer
Howard Snell Nessun Dorma - CORNET SOLO. Solo 74 Giacomo Puccini
Gordon Langford One Fine Day from Madama Butterfly - CORNET SOLO Solo 156 Giacomo Puccini
J McInnes Smith Little Serenade Misc 303 Gianni Ferrio
Simon Called Peter Test Piece 151 Gilbert Vinter
Triumphant Rhapsody Test Piece 654 Gilbert Vinter
Lisbon Carnival - Incomplete - no 2nd trombone. Misc 361 Gilbert Vinter
Entertainments Test Piece 575 Gilbert Vinter
Spectrum Test Piece 285 Gilbert Vinter
Variations on a Ninth Test Piece 246 Gilbert Vinter

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