Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Cavalry Brigade Misc 125 Anon
Boys of the Old Brigade, The March 125 W H Middleton
Gordon Langford Rusalka's Song to the Moon - CORNET SOLO. Incomplete - no 1st horn. Solo 126 Antonin Dvorak
M Brand Portsmouth Misc 127 Traditional
Frank Bryce Carpenters Selection - Incomplete - no soprano. Selection 128
Allan Street Song of Norway Misc 129 Edward Grieg
Gordon Langford Believe Me, If All Those Young Endearing Charms - EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 130 Traditional
. Moonlight On The Alster - Incomplete - no score. Waltz 131 Oscar Fetras
Days of Youth - Incomplete - No solo cornets, 2nd cornet & 1st baritone Misc 132 Philip Catelinet
Edrich Siebert Puppet On A String - Incomplete - no 2nd baritone Popular Song 133 Bill Martin
Charles Field Waltztime Selection Selection 134
Denis Wright Trombone Polka - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 135 A Boulcourt
Derek Broadbent Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Christmas 136 Johnny Marks
Wiederkehr - CORNET / EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 137 J Hartman
Edelweiss Valse - Incomplete - no score, soprano or 1st horn. Waltz 138 T H Blumer
Edrich Siebert Fabulous 40's Selection Selection 139
Introduction & Allegro Test Piece 140 Gareth Wood
Fascination Misc 141 George Hawkins
Andante and Scherzo - EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 142 Reginald Heath
J Ord Hume Waltzes from Vienna - Incomplete - no Bb bass. Waltz 143 J Strauss
Denis Wright Two Little Finches - CORNET DUET Solo 144 H Kling
Eric Ball Galantia - Incomplete - no 2nd horn. Misc 145 Harold Scull
. Shrewsbury Fair - Incomplete - no score. March 146 Paul Neville
Drake Rimmer Peter Schmoll Overture 147 Carl Maria von Weber
Arioso and Caprice - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 148 Ronald Hanmer

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