Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
. Christmas Praise (Green Cover, 78 carols) - Incomplete - no soprano and minimal other parts. Christmas 1147
Ray Steadman-Allen 120 Hymns for Brass Band - Incomplete - no flugel, 2nd trombone or euphonium. Hymn / Religious 1148
Sandy Smith Schindler's List TV / Film / Stage 1149 John Williams
Geoffrey Brand Napoli - CORNET SOLO. Incomplete - no solo part. Solo 1150 Herman Bellstedt
. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare TV / Film / Stage 1151 Alfred Newman
Peter Ratnik Phil Collins Spectacular Popular Song 1152
Christopher Wormwald Haven't Met You Yet Popular Song 1153 Michael Buble, Alan Chang & Amy Susan Foster
Sandy Smith King of Pop Popular Song 1154
Alan Fernie ABBA Goes Brass Popular Song 1155 Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus
. Tijuana Tuba - Eb / Bb BASS SOLO. Incomplete - no solo Eb Bass part. Solo 1156 Sandy Blair
Bill Geldard Stardust - TROMBONE SOLO. Incomplete - no score or percussion. Solo 1157 Hoagy Carmichael
Roger Thorne Do - Re - Mi TV / Film / Stage 1158 Richard Rodgers
Chris Shelton Happy Popular Song 1159 Pharrell Williams
Steven Booth Blackadder March March 1160
Michael Hopkinson Eriskay Love Lilt - CORNET SOLO Solo 1161
Alan Fernie The Lion King TV / Film / Stage 1162 Elton John
Leigh Baker The Bare Necessities - Eb BASS SOLO Solo 1163 Terry Gilkyson
Chris Shelton Get Lucky Popular Song 1164 Daft Punk
Peter Ratnik The A-Team TV / Film / Stage 1165 Mike Psot & Pete Carpenter
Christopher Wormwald I`m Still Standing Popular Song 1166 Elton John
Alan Morrison Volare Popular Song 1167 Domenico Modugno
Paul Lovatt-Cooper Donegal Bay - BARITONE SOLO. Belongs to David Maddocks. Solo 1168
Darrol Barry The Wind Beneath My Wings Popular Song 1169 L. Henley & J. Silbar
David Hollings Phoenix Test Piece 1170
Frank Bernaerts I Will Always Love You Popular Song 1171 D. Parton

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