Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Alan Fernie Mr. Sandman - CORNET QUARTET Solo 1122 Pat Ballard
Sent in the Clowns (Koperpoets & Brass Band Arrangement) - FEATURE Solo 1123 Rob Balfoort
Steve Sykes James Bond-007 TV / Film / Stage 1124 Monty Norman & John Barry
Gary Westwood Tis the Last Rose of Summer (14 piece accompaniment) - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 1125 Irish Traditional
Andrew Duncan Scooby Doo (Where Are You?) TV / Film / Stage 1126 Ben Raleigh & David Monk
Eric Banks Fest Musik Der Stadt Wein Misc 1127 Richard Strauss
Simon Kerwin Ave Maria - SOPRANO SOLO Solo 1128 Tolga Kashif
Frank Bernaerts It's Raining Men Popular Song 1129 Paul Jabara & Paul Schaffer
On Parade March 1130 Albert Elms
Saga of Haakon the Good, The Test Piece 1131 Philip Sparke
Denis Wright Deep Harmony - Chorale Prelude Hymn / Religious 1132
Alan Morrison Cry Me A River - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 1133 Arthur Hamilton
Darrol Barry Big Mancini, The TV / Film / Stage 1134 Henry Mancini
Cross Patonce Test Piece 1135 Goff Richards
A Christmas Finale Christmas 1136 Paul Lovatt Cooper
William Himes Three Kings Swing Christmas 1137
Peter Graham Olympic Fanfare and Theme Misc 1138 John Williams
Steve Sykes Concert March from 1941 March 1139 John Williams
Frank Bryce Brass Aflame Misc 1140 John Cacavas
. Kingdom Triumphant, The - Tone Poem Christmas 1141 Eric Ball
. President, The March 1142 William German
J A Greenwood Light Cavalry March 1143 Franz von Suppe
. Buster Strikes Back - CORNET SOLO Solo 1144 Alan Morrison
Reid Gilje Children of Sanchez, The - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 1145 Chuck Mangione
Ray Woodfield Your Favourite Carols - Incomplete - no 1st horn or 1st baritone. Christmas 1146

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