Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
W J Duthoit Around the World Misc 959 Victor Young
Rieks van der Velde New York, New York TV / Film / Stage 960 John Kander
David Hughes Quando Quando Quando - Incomplete - no score. Popular Song 961 Renis & Testa
Alan Catherall Manhattan Skyline Popular Song 962 David Shire
Goff Richards Stripper, The - Incomplete - no score. Misc 963 David Rose
M Smith Kaiser Bill - Incomplete - no score. Misc 964
David Hughes Let Me Be The One - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 965 Roger Nichols
Pop Goes the Weasel - Incomplete - no soprano or Bb bass. Misc 966 George Hawkins
Derek Broadbent Buddy - Incomplete - no score. Selection 967
W J Dawson Now Is The Hour - Incomplete - no solo horn. Misc 968 Clement Scott
Derek Broadbent S Wonderful TV / Film / Stage 969 George Gershwin
Kingdom of Dragons Test Piece 970 Philip Harper
Einmal Am Rhein Misc 971
Alan Morrison Crazy - FLUGEL / Bb CORNET SOLO Solo 972 Willie Nelson
Ray Farr Toccata in D Minor Misc 973 J S Bach
Keith Wilkinson Deep Inside The Sacred Temple - EUPHONIUM DUET Solo 974 Georges Bizet
Alan Fernie I Got Rhythm TV / Film / Stage 975 George Gershwin
Basso Continuo - Eb BASS SOLO Solo 976 Bernard Reader
Bernard Reader Handel's Hornpipe - HORN SOLO Solo 977 G F Handel
Goff Richards And The Band Played On Misc 978 Word & Palmer
Jubilee Prelude Overture 979 Philip Sparke
Lament of the Dandelion TV / Film / Stage 980 Jim Parker
Whitsun Wakes Test Piece 981 Michael Ball
Forgotten Garden TV / Film / Stage 982 Jim Parker
Phoenix - CORNET TRIO (SOPRANO & 2 Bb CORNETS) Solo 983 Nigel Horne

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