Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Montage Test Piece 884 Peter Graham
Rhapsody for Trombone - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 885 Gordon Langford
Darrol Barry Just The Way You Are - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 886 Billy Joel
Goff Richards Light As Air Misc 887
Elephant, The March 888 J Ord Hume
Philip Sparke Time To Say Goodbye Popular Song 889 Sartori & Quarantotto
Rodney Newton Gaudete Christmas 890 Traditional
Peter Roberts Barnum & Bailey's Favourite TV / Film / Stage 891
Derek Broadbent Robin Hood Prince of Thieves TV / Film / Stage 892 Michael Kayman
Darrol Barry One Day In Your Life - HORN SOLO Solo 893 Brown & Armand
March of the Cobblers March 894 Bob Barratt & Edrich Siebert
Prelude on Deep Harmony Hymn / Religious 895 Kenneth Downie
Stephen Roberts Pastime With Good Company Misc 896 Henry VIII
E J Huckridge Sorcerer's Apprentice TV / Film / Stage 897 Paul Dukas
Dennis Wilby Jealousy - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 898 Gade & May
Paganini Variations Test Piece 899 Philip Wilby
Barrie Hingley Musket, Fife and Drum TV / Film / Stage 900 Jim Parker
Ray Steadman Allen When Children Rule The World TV / Film / Stage 901 Andrew Lloyd Webber
Arnhem March 902 A E Kelly
Goff Richards Pasadena Misc 903 Harry Warren
Roy Newsome Mountains O'Mourne - EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 904
Denis Wright Gay Gordons, The March 905 Theo Bonheur
Serenade For Horns - HORN FEATURE Solo 906 Philip Sparke
Keith Wilkinson Bacchanale Misc 907 Camille Saint-Saens
Alan Fernie Ticket To Ride Popular Song 908 Lennon & McCartney

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