Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Stephen Bulla Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again TV / Film / Stage 796 Andrew Lloyd Webber
William Broughton Light Has Come, The - Incomplete - no soprano. Misc 797 Chick Yuill
Purcell Variations Test Piece 798 Kenneth Downie
Peter Kitson Festive Overture Test Piece 799 Dmitry Shostakovich
Nothing Do I Bring Hymn / Religious 800 William Broughton
Darrol Barry Misty - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 801 J Burke
Alan Catherall Yellow Submarine Popular Song 802 Lennon & McCartney
Dennis Wilby Te Deum Prelude Overture 803 Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Robert Harwood Prayer, The - CORNET DUET. Incomplete - no score or solo parts. Solo 804 Sager & Foster
Keith Wilkinson I Know Him So Well TV / Film / Stage 805 Andersson, Rice & Ulvaeus
Connotations Test Piece 806 Edward Gregson
Robert Harwood Dutch National Anthem - Incomplete - no soprano. Misc 807 Traditional
Frank Bernaerts Love Shine A Light Popular Song 808 Kimberley Rew
Ragtime Trumpet, The - CORNET SOLO. Incomplete - no 2nd baritone. Solo 809 Gordon Kitto
Roy Newsome There Is A Greenhill Hymn / Religious 810 Noah Bruce
Ray Farr Riverdance TV / Film / Stage 811 Bill Whelan
Bill Geldard Kiss Me Again Waltz 812 Victor Herbert
Happy Trombones Solo 813 Rob Ares
Minneapolis IV March 814 Emil Soderstrom
. Heal The World - Incomplete - no score. Popular Song 815 Michael Jackson
Frank Bernaerts All by Myself - Incomplete - no score. Popular Song 816 Eric Carmen
Frank Bernaerts Stevie Wonder In Concert - Incomplete - no score. Selection 817 Stevie Wonder
Alan Fernie Onward! Christian Soldiers Hymn / Religious 818 Arthur Sullivan
Andre Waignein Storie Di Tutti I Giorni Misc 819 Maurizio Fabrizio
Goff Richards There's No Business Like Showbusiness TV / Film / Stage 820 Irving Berlin

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