Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
First Suite in Eb Suite 503 Gustav Holst
J McInnes Smith Dear Miss Phoebe Misc 504 Harry Parr Davies
Denis Wright New Sullivan Selection Selection 505
Operatic Bouquet Misc 506 Various Arias
Gordon MacKenzie Florrie Ford's Favourites Selection 507 R Stoddon
Severn Suite, The Test Piece 508 Edward Elgar
Denis Wright King and I, The Selection 509 Richard Rodgers
Eric Ball Harry Lauders Songs Selection 510
Charles Field Gay 90's, The Selection 511
Gordon Langford Boy from Maneam, The - Incomplete - no score or euphoniums. Misc 512 Traditional
Charles Godfrey Geisha, The Misc 513 Sidney Jones
Goff Richards Marching Through Georgia March 514
Denis Wright Milestones of Melody Misc 515
Denis Wright HMS Pinafore March 516 Arthur Sullivan
Overture on Famous English Airs Selection 517 Ernest Tomlinson
Denis Wright King's Rhapsody Misc 518 Ivor Novello
J Ord Hume Lilac Time Misc 519 George Clutsam
Elgar Howarth Music From The Elizabethan Court Test Piece 520 William Byrd
Blow Away the Morning Dew Misc 521 Stephen Bulla
La Traviata TV / Film / Stage 522 Giuseppe Verdi
Denis Wright Panorama of Famous Songs Selection 523
Gordon Langford A Carmen Fantasy Selection 524 Georges Bizet
W J Dawson Iolanthe March 525 Arthur Sullivan
Hullo America Misc 526 Herman Finck
John Hartmann Il Trovatore - Incomplete - no 1st or 2nd trombones, Eb & Bb basses. Overture 527 Giuseppe Verdi

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