Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Wee MacGreegor, The Misc 453 H G Amens
Thos Bidgood Wedding of the Rose, The Misc 454 Leon Jessel
Derek Ashmore If - HORN SOLO Solo 455 David Gates
S Smith-Masters American Patrol March 456 F W Meacham
Edrich Siebert Lily The Pink - Incomplete - no 2nd cornets, solo horn, 1st trombone or bass trom. Misc 457 Gormon, McGear & McGough
Edrich Siebert Oliver Selection 458 Lionel Bart
Bram Gay Moment Musicale Misc 459 Franz Schubert
Denzil Stephens Miller Magic Selection 460 Glen Miller
W J Duthoit In Baden Bei Wien Misc 461 Hughes Cormack
Gordon Langford Cossack Patrol - Incomplete - no soprano. March 462 Lev Knipper
Zamora - Incomplete - no score. Misc 463 Cyril Jenkins
Stephen Duro Irving Berlin for Brass - Incomplete - no score or 1st horn. Selection 464 Irving Berlin
Fred Mortimer John Peel - Incomplete - no 1st horn or 1st trombone. Misc 465
Continuum For Band Misc 466 Alan Bullard
. Glemdene March 467 John R Carr
. Pendine March 468 R Martyn
John Golland Meditation from Thais -EUPHONIUM SOLO. Incomplete - no soprano or solo euphonium. Solo 469 Jules Massenet
Instant Concert Misc 470 Harold L Walters
Life Divine Test Piece 471 Cyril Jenkins
. La Reine De Saba - Incomplete - no score. March 472 Charles Gounod
J Ord Hume Silver Trumpets March 473 Viviani
Melodius Melodies Selection 474 Herman Finck
High Peak Test Piece 475 Eric Ball
Sydney Herbert Largo from The New World Symphony Misc 476 Antonin Dvorak
Gordon MacKenzie Serenade Misc 477 J Heykens

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