Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
. Don Jose - Incomplete - no score. Misc 405 Frederic G Charrosin
Four Indian Love Lyrics Misc 406 A Woodforde-Finden
Philip Sparke Procession of the Sirdar Misc 407 Ivanov
Everybody's Child Misc 408 Eric Ball
Brass Bagatelles Misc 409 Clive Richardson
Three Sacred Preludes Suite 410 Kenneth Cook
Gordon Langford Lark In the Clear Air, The - HORN SOLO Solo 411 Traditional
Hadleigh Camp Misc 412 Ray Steadman Allen
Frank Bryce A Bridge Too Far March 413 John Addison
Three Brass Band Studies Suite 414 Philip Catelinet
Frank Wright Mighty Like A Rose Misc 415 Ethelbert Nevin
Parade of the Tin Soldiers, The March 416 Leon Jesel
Rhapsody On Negro Spirituals Misc 417 Eric Ball
. Princess Nada Test Piece 418 Denis Wright
Hereward Misc 419 Michel Laurent
Panda's Picnic, The Misc 419 John Ambrose
Gordon Langford Daisy Bell Misc 420 Harry Dacre
Ron Glynn Les Miserables Selection 421 Claude-Michel Schoenberg
Polished Brass Misc 422 Edrich Siebert
Country Scene - Incomplete - no flugel or 1st horn. Misc 423 Goff Richards
Frank Bryce Sailing Popular Song 424 Gavin Sutherland
Ray Farr Goodbye to Love - HORN SOLO Solo 425 John Bettis
Panorama Misc 426 J A Greenwood
J Ord Hume Loreley Misc 427 Nesuadba
Frank Wright Estrellita Misc 427 Manuel Ponce

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