Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Edrich Siebert Red Sarafan, The March 307 Traditional
J Ord Hume Solemn Melody - Incomplete - no 2nd cornets, solo horn or 2nd horn. Hymn / Religious 308 Henry Walford Davies
Edrich Siebert Short'n'in Bread Misc 309 Traditional
. Collingwood March 310 Pettee
Palmer House Misc 310 Pettee
S Robert O Sole Mio - CORNET SOLO Solo 311 E Di Capua
F J Beckingham Morning Has Broken - Incomplete - no repieno or 1st baritone. Hymn / Religious 312 Cat Stevens
R Mendez Chipanecas Misc 313 Traditional
Norman Richardson Eye Level TV / Film / Stage 314 Jack Trombey
Frank Denham Whistler and his Dog, The - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 315 Arthur Pryor
Edrich Siebert Magnificent Seven TV / Film / Stage 316 Elmer Bernstein
T Conway Brown La Marseillaise - Incomplete - no score. March 317 Traditional
Gordon MacKenzie Ballerina Misc 318 Karlick & Bootz
J McInnes Smith Sweet Elizabeth Misc 319 John Turner
J McInnes Smith Mandy Popular Song 320 Furio Rendine
J McInnes Smith Good Campanions March 321 C A Rossi
Edrich Siebert Pianissimo Misc 322 Alex Alstone
Edrich Siebert English Country Garden Misc 323 Robert Jordan
J McInnes Smith Autumn Concerto Misc 324 C Bargoni
Edrich Siebert Green Grow the Rushes Ho! Misc 325
Denis Wright Song of Paradise Misc 326 Reginald King
In Memorium / Last Post / Reveille Hymn / Religious 327
Abide with Me Hymn / Religious 328 Gerald Fraser
Norman Richardson Old Comrades March 329 C Teike
Sunset Misc 330 A C Green

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