Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Edrich Siebert Hava Nagila Misc 238
J Ord Hume Showboat Selection Selection 239 Jerome kern
Aubrey Winter Casino Dances Misc 240 Josef Gungl
Cornet Carrillon - CORNET FEATURE. Incomplete - no score. Solo 241 Ronald Binge
Florence & Joan - CORNET DUET Solo 242 H Muddiman
Denis Wright Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Selection 243 Frank Churchill
Roger Barsotti Florentiner March March 244 Julius Fucik
Pastorale - CORNET SOLO Solo 245 Goff Richards
Variations on a Ninth Test Piece 246 Gilbert Vinter
Funeral March of the Marionette March 247 Charles Gounod
Denis Wright South Pacific Selection Selection 248 Richard Rodgers
William Moore I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby - CORNET SOLO Solo 249 Frederic Clay
William Moore O Dry Those Tears - CORNET SOLO Solo 249 Teresa Del Riego
Frank Bryce Send In The Clowns - SOPRANO SOLO Solo 250 Stephen Sondheim
Edrich Siebert Inn of the Sixth Happiness TV / Film / Stage 251
Restless Slide - TROMBONE SOLO. Solo 252 J A Greenwood
W J Duthoit Gigi Selection Selection 253 Alan Jay Lerner
Sydney Herbert Jerusalem Hymn / Religious 254 Blake & Parry
Songs of the Morning Selection 255 Eric Ball
Phantom Brigade, The Misc 256 W H Myddleton
Joywheel, The - TROMBONE SOLO. Incomplete - no solo trombone. Solo 257 E Sutton
Charles Field Tommies' Tunes Misc 258
W G Chapman Rose, The Misc 259 W H Myddleton
George Hawkins Merry Wives of Windsor, The TV / Film / Stage 260 Otto Nicolai
Knight Templar March 261 Geo Allen

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