Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Edrich Siebert Santa Lucia Misc 173 Traditional
Eric Banks Totem Pole Misc 174 Eric Osterling
Joker, The - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 175 Harold Moss
Sydney Herbert Miserere Scene, The - DUET FOR CORNET & TROMBONE. Incomplete - no 3rd cornet. Solo 176 Giuseppe Verdi
Sydney Herbert Watchmen! What of the Night - Incomplete - no 3rd cornet. Misc 176 J Sargent
Napoleon - DUET FOR EUPHONIUM & TROMBONE. Incomplete - no 3rd cornet. Solo 176 Manuel Bilton
Roger Barsotti Prince Igor Test Piece 177 Alexander Glazounov
- Bramwyn March 178 John R Carr
Trombone Rockanova - TROMBONE FEATURE Solo 179 Terry Kenny
Sydney Herbert Pique Dame Overture 180 Franz von Suppe
Entre Nous Misc 180 Elliot Smith
Zelda - CORNET SOLO Solo 181 Percy Code
Shipbuilders, The Test Piece 182 Peter Yorke
. Sovereign's Escort March 183 Roy Douglas
Robin Hood Overture Test Piece 184 Henry Geehl
White House Correspondents, The - Incomplete - no 2nd horn, 1st and 2nd baritone. Misc 185 Chas Benter
Seige of Rochelle, The Misc 186 Michael Balfe
Reflections - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 187 Reginald Heath
W J Duthoit My Fair Lady Selection 188 Frederick Lowe
J Ord Hume Boccaccio Overture 189 Franz von Suppe
Marching Sergeants March 190 Edrich Siebert
Seasons, The Test Piece 191 John Carr
Calif of Bagdad, The Misc 192 Francois A Boieldieu
Derek Broadbent Lara's Theme TV / Film / Stage 193 Maurice Jarre
Egmont Overture Test Piece 194 Ludwig van Beethoven

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