Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
2nd Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals Selection 100 Eric Ball
A New World Fantasy Selection 583 Gordon Langford
Hootenanny Selection 41 Harold L Waters
A London Celebration Selection 864 Peter Graham
Songs of the Quay Selection 680 Goff Richards
Three Jolly Sailormen - CORNET TRIO Solo 5 Edrich Siebert
Dumbo's Dance - BASS SOLO Solo 745 Ron Gardner
Melodius Melodies Selection 474 Herman Finck
Candide Selection 725 Leonard Bernstein
Happy Trombones Solo 813 Rob Ares
Two of the Tops - DUET FOR SOPRANO & Bb CORNET Solo 219 John Carr
Paganini Variations Test Piece 899 Philip Wilby
Prelude for an Occasion Test Piece 670 Edward Gregson
Tournament For Brass Test Piece 655 Eric Ball
Triumphant Rhapsody Test Piece 654 Gilbert Vinter
Cross Patonce Test Piece 1135 Goff Richards
Shipbuilders, The Test Piece 182 Peter Yorke
Robin Hood Overture Test Piece 184 Henry Geehl
Egmont Overture Test Piece 194 Ludwig van Beethoven
Music For Greenwich Test Piece 690 Edward Gregson
Undaunted, The Test Piece 926 Eric Ball
Seasons, The Test Piece 191 John Carr
Music For The Common Man Test Piece 919 Kenneth Downie
A Moorside Suite Test Piece 163 Gustav Holst
A Holiday Suite Test Piece 161 Eric Ball

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