Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Fantasy on Good King Wenceslas Christmas 718 Roy Newsome
A Christmas Fantasy Christmas 705 Gordon Langford
Christmas Crackers Christmas 701 Ray Woodfield
Ding Dong! - Carol Arrangement Christmas 699 Richard Phillips
Knight Templar March 261 Geo Allen
Sarafand March - Incomplete - no score, 2nd horn, bass trombone or Eb bass. March 1000 G H Willcocks
Grenadiers, The March 113 W Rimmer
King Cotton March 121 John Philip Sousa
Marching In March 833 Keith Griffin
On The Quarter Deck March 81 Kenneth J Alford
Praise Incomplete - no score March 1055 W. Heaton
Montreal Citadel March 850 Norman Audoire
Great Little Army, The March 610 Kenneth J Alford
Berliner Luft (The Gay Hussar) - MILITARY BAND SET, NOT REALLY SUITABLE FOR BB March 1116 Paul Lincke
Preludio Marziale March 383 Frank Wright
Jaguar, The March 372 Goff Richards
Kings of Brass March 1098 Darrol Barry
Boys of the Old Brigade, The March 125 W H Middleton
Minneapolis IV March 814 Emil Soderstrom
Nibelungen March March 69 Richard Wagner
Punchinello March 781 William Rimmer
March With A Beat March 43 Ronald Hanmer
Champions, The March 274 G H Willcocks
British Standard March 1006 Bernard Reader
Conquerors, The March 1005 Kenneth Ketteringham

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