Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Seige of Rochelle, The Misc 186 Michael Balfe
Panorama Misc 426 J A Greenwood
Happy Birthday Misc 921 Traditional
Ruy Blas Misc 683 Felix Mendelssohn
Calif of Bagdad, The Misc 192 Francois A Boieldieu
Ground Bass Misc 195 Frank Bryce
Widdicombe Fair Misc 688 Stephen Bulla
Boston Bounce Misc 932 Edrich Siebert
Rhythm and Blues Misc 198 Philip Sparke
Light Walk Misc 437 Barrie Gott
Test Piece Day - Incomplete - no 2nd cornets or 1st trombone. Misc 697 Eric Ball
Slappa My Thigh - Incomplete - no score. Misc 942 Otto von Grunwald
Eloise - Incomplete - no score. Misc 944 P Ryan
Students Night Out Misc 448 S Cope
Harvest Time Misc 450 W Halsey
Wee MacGreegor, The Misc 453 H G Amens
Zamora - Incomplete - no score. Misc 463 Cyril Jenkins
Continuum For Band Misc 466 Alan Bullard
Latin Lady Misc 227 Bram Wiggins
Pop Goes the Weasel - Incomplete - no soprano or Bb bass. Misc 966 George Hawkins
Instant Concert Misc 470 Harold L Walters
La Paloma - Incomplete - no repieno or flugel. Misc 232 S De Yradier
Einmal Am Rhein Misc 971
A Day on the Norfolk Broads Misc 729 Paul Fenhoulet
3 Australian National Airs Misc 235 Various

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