Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Springtime - Incomplete - no bass trombone. Misc 86 Haydn Morris
Fanfare & Soliloquy - Incomplete - no score or 1st horn. Misc 576 Trevor L Sharpe
A Song to Sing Misc 829 Ray Bowes
Blessed Sunshine Misc 829 Ray Cresswell
Divine Power Misc 829 Erik Silfverberg
Sunset Misc 330 A C Green
Happy In Him Misc 830 Noel Jones
Vienna, City of my Dreams Misc 96 Dr R Sieczynski
Promises of God, The Misc 830 Erik Silverberg
Southsea Citadel Misc 830 Michael Kenyon
You Know I Love You Misc 830 Maurice Ozanne
Draw Me Nearer Misc 833 Noel Jones
A North Country Fantasie Misc 591 Gordon Langford
Hythe Misc 833 Ray Steadman-Allen
Enchantress, The - Incomplete - no score. Misc 104 J A Greenwood
Beguine for Brass - Incomplete - no 1st horn. Misc 592 J H Howe
Forget Me Not Misc 342 S Cope
Joy of Life Misc 110 J Moorhouse
Children's Festival Number - Incomplete - no score, rep/flug, 2nd hn, 2nd bari, 2nd & bass trom Misc 346 Traditional
Eton Boating Song Misc 112 Karl Kaps
Rock of Ages Misc 349 Sidney Trenchard
David and Goliath Misc 353 Stuart Johnson
Britannia Misc 606 Bob van den Zwolle
Tombestone - Arizona Misc 357 Gareth Wood
Lisbon Carnival - Incomplete - no 2nd trombone. Misc 361 Gilbert Vinter

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