Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
W J Duthoit If I Ruled the World Popular Song 79 Cyril Ornadel
W J Duthoit Gigi Selection Selection 253 Alan Jay Lerner
W J Duthoit My Fair Lady Selection 188 Frederick Lowe
W J Duthoit 76 Trombones - TROMBONE FEATURE Solo 53 Meredith Wilson
W J Duthoit A Nautical Galop - POST HORN SOLO Solo 150 Roger Barsotti
W J Duthoit Moon River - Incomplete - no score. TV / Film / Stage 51 Henry Mancini
W Rimmer Eventide - Incomplete - no 2nd cornet. Hymn / Religious 3
W Rimmer Magic Flute, The Overture 916 W A Mozart
W Rimmer England quartet/ensemble 22
W Rimmer Carmen Selection 494 Georges Bizet
W Rimmer Nabucodonosor Test Piece 650 Giuseppe Verdi
William Broughton Light Has Come, The - Incomplete - no soprano. Misc 797 Chick Yuill
William Himes Three Kings Swing Christmas 1137
William Himes Amazing Grace - Hymn / Religious Setting Hymn / Religious 1012 Traditional
William Himes Ellacombe - Incomplete - no 2nd horn. Hymn / Religious 741
William Himes Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral Misc 597 Richard Wagner
William Himes With One Look TV / Film / Stage 875 Andrew Lloyd Webber
William Himes Music of the Night, The TV / Film / Stage 638 Andrew Lloyd Webber
William Moore A Hunting Scene Misc 593 P Bucalossi
William Moore I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby - CORNET SOLO Solo 249 Frederic Clay
William Moore O Dry Those Tears - CORNET SOLO Solo 249 Teresa Del Riego
William Relton Y Viva Espana March 347 Caerts
William Relton I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing Popular Song 220 B Backer
William Relton Upstairs Downstairs TV / Film / Stage 119 Alexander Faris

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