Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Rag and Bones Misc 275 David Hughes
Hullo America Misc 526 Herman Finck
Blue Meeting Misc 782
Exhibition Can-Can Misc 281 Howard Snell
Almera Misc 535 G F Handel
Berenice Misc 535 G F Handel
Mountain Crags - Incomplete - no soprano or flugel. Misc 789 Chris Mallett
Dawn of Spring, The Misc 538 E Le Duc
Gems of Melody Misc 540 Ferencz Listz
Kensington - Incomplete - no soprano or solo horn. Misc 542 J A Greenwood
Over The Hills Misc 543 J A Greenwood
Joy of Youth, The - Incomplete - no 2nd cornets. Misc 545 J A Greenwood
Old Folks at Home, The Misc 548 J A Greenwood
Maid of the Mountains Misc 553 H Fraser Simpson
Two Songs of Freedom Misc 305
Mayday Misc 556 J A Greenwood
Round The Clock Misc 72 Donald Osgood
Palmer House Misc 310 Pettee
Viva Mexico Misc 565 Ronald Hanmer
Fanfare & Flourishes Misc 1057 Martin Cordner
Trinity Misc 1057 Lorne Barry
Quid Pro Quo Misc 78 Eric Ball
Gallions Reach - Incomplete - no soprano or 1st horn. Misc 567 Peter Yorke
Softly Sounds the Little Bell (Meditation on a Russian Folk Melody) Misc 80 Eric Ball
Vicar of Bray, The - Incomplete - no score. Misc 571 Frank Stokes

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