Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Philip Sparke Christmas Song, The Christmas 703 Torme & Wells
Philip Sparke Little Drummer Boy, The Christmas 715 Simeone, Onorati & Davis
Philip Sparke I Vow To Thee, My Country Hymn / Religious 777 Gustav Holst
Philip Sparke The Bandwagon March 1259 Philip Sparke
Philip Sparke Lambeth Walk Misc 760 Douglas Furber & Noel Gay
Philip Sparke L'il Darlin Misc 790 Neal Hefti
Philip Sparke Orient Express Misc 1240 Philip Sparke
Philip Sparke Cute Misc 1076 Neal Hefti
Philip Sparke Procession of the Sirdar Misc 407 Ivanov
Philip Sparke Slavonic Dance No. 3 Misc 237 Antonin Dvorak
Philip Sparke Music Popular Song 9 John Miles
Philip Sparke America - Incomplete - no Flugel Popular Song 1086 Neil Diamond
Philip Sparke Love on the Rocks - Incomplete - no Flugel Popular Song 1086 Neil Diamond & Gilbert Becaud
Philip Sparke Time To Say Goodbye Popular Song 889 Sartori & Quarantotto
Philip Sparke Leaning On A Lamp-Post - TROMBONE / EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 752 Noel Gay
Philip Sparke Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White - TRUMPET / CORNET SOLO Solo 761 Louiguy
Philip Sparke Berceuse (Listen with Mother Theme) TV / Film / Stage 579 Gabriel Faure
Philip Sparke Skyfall TV / Film / Stage 1265 Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth
Philip Wilby The Day Thou Gavest Hymn / Religious 1194 C C Schofield
Phillip Harper Climb Ev'ry Mountain Solo 1233
R Mendez Chipanecas Misc 313 Traditional
R S Stoddon Communityland Selection 950
R Sebregts Leningrad Popular Song 792 Billy Joel
Ray Farr Holiday for Strings Misc 44 David Rose
Ray Farr Toccata in D Minor Misc 973 J S Bach

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