Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
J Ord Hume Showboat Selection Selection 239 Jerome kern
J Ord Hume Goodbye - CORNET SOLO Solo 235 F Paolo Tosti
J Ord Hume Moon Has Raised Her Lamp Above, The - DUET FOR EUPHONIUM & TROMBONE Solo 235 Benedict
J Ord Hume Waltzes from Vienna - Incomplete - no Bb bass. Waltz 143 J Strauss
Jack Peberdy 12th Street Rag - Incomplete - no score. Misc 481 Euday L Bowman
Jack Peberdy When I Fall In Love - Incomplete - no score Popular Song 845 Young & Heyman
Jack Peberdy I Write the Songs Popular Song 605 Johnstone
Jack Peberdy Macarthur Park Popular Song 618 Jim Webb
Jack Peberdy Agadoo - Incomplete - no score. Popular Song 956 Symile, Delancery & Peram
Jack Peberdy Village People Medley - Incomplete - no score. Selection 835
Jack Peberdy I Know Him So Well - CORNET DUET Solo 612 Andersson, Rice & Ulvaeus
Jack Peberdy M*A*S*H - Main Theme TV / Film / Stage 624 Mandel
Jack Peberdy Cagney & Lacey TV / Film / Stage 625 Bill Conti
Jack Peberdy E.T. - Main Theme TV / Film / Stage 627 John Williams
James Brown I Feel Good Popular Song 1188 James Brown
James Curnow Rhapsody for Euphonium – EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 1202 James Curnow
James Curnow Brass Metamorphoses Test Piece 1245 James Curnow
James Howe Trombone Galop - TROMBONE TRIO Solo 99 Maurice Clark
James McFadyen Tower Of Hope (Hashtag Grenfell Tower) Misc. 1243 James McFadyen
James Wood A Christmas Festival Christmas 702 Leroy Anderson
Jan De Haan Young Amadeus, The Misc 757 W A Mozart
Jan van Kraeydonck Les Champs-Elysees (Waterloo Road) Misc 1096 Wilsh, Deighan & Delanoe
Jan van Kraeydonck Proud Mary Popular Song 1187 John Fogerty
Jan Van Kraeydonck Always On My Mind Popular Song 823 James & Thompson
Jan van Kraeydonck Meet The Flintstones - Incomplete - no score or bass trombone. TV / Film / Stage 1002 Hanna, Barbera & Curtin

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