Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Kings of Brass March 1098 Darrol Barry
Jaguar, The March 372 Goff Richards
Berliner Luft (The Gay Hussar) - MILITARY BAND SET, NOT REALLY SUITABLE FOR BB March 1116 Paul Lincke
Preludio Marziale March 383 Frank Wright
Under Two Flags March 1118 Bramwell Cole
Brass Ablaze March 877 Goff Richards
Voice of the Guns, The March 639 Kenneth J Alford
Death or Glory March 880 R B Hall
Contestor, The March 641 T J Powell
Marche Lorraine March 154 Louis Ganne
Standard of St George, The March 642 Kenneth J Alford
Thin Red Line, The March 646 Kenneth J Alford
Holyrood March 647 Kenneth J Alford
Elephant, The March 888 J Ord Hume
On Parade March 1130 Albert Elms
BB & CF, The March 649 J Ord Hume
Hebden Bridge March 400 A Scholes Dale
New Colonial March, The - Incomplete - no soprano, 2nd baritone or Eb bass. March 164 R B Hall
March of the Cobblers March 894 Bob Barratt & Edrich Siebert
La Militaire - Incomplete - no soprano or 3rd cornet. March 166 W Raymond
Light Of The World, The March 168 J Dean Goffin
Arnhem March 902 A E Kelly
Parade of the Tin Soldiers, The March 416 Leon Jesel
Marching Sergeants March 190 Edrich Siebert
Mercury March 928

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