Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Denis Wright A Children's Overture Overture 345 Roger Quilter
Denis Wright 1812 Overture Overture 111 Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Denis Wright South Pacific Selection Selection 248 Richard Rodgers
Denis Wright Mikado, The Selection 500 Arthur Sullivan
Denis Wright Carousel Selection 502 Richard Rodgers
Denis Wright New Sullivan Selection Selection 505
Denis Wright King and I, The Selection 509 Richard Rodgers
Denis Wright Panorama of Famous Songs Selection 523
Denis Wright Oklahoma Selection 528 Richard Rodgers
Denis Wright Fantasia on British Seasongs Selection 784 Henry Wood
Denis Wright Mary Poppins Selection Selection 552 R M & R B Sherman
Denis Wright Kismet Selection Selection 554
Denis Wright Hans Christian Anderson Selection Selection 562 Frank Loesser
Denis Wright Westside Story Selection 95 Leonard Bernstein
Denis Wright Sound of Music, The - Incomplete - no soprano or 1st horn. Selection 588 Rodgers & Hammerstein
Denis Wright Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Selection 243 Frank Churchill
Denis Wright Count Your Blessings - CORNET SOLO Solo 334 Reginald Morgan
Denis Wright Trombone Polka - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 135 A Boulcourt
Denis Wright Two Little Finches - CORNET DUET Solo 144 H Kling
Denis Wright Una Voce Poco Fa - CORNET SOLO Solo 167 Gioachino Rossini
Denis Wright Trumpet Voluntary - CORNET SOLO Solo 214 Henry Purcell
Denis Wright Academic Festival Overture Test Piece 304 Johannes Brahms
Denis Wright Academic Festival Overture Test Piece 1262 Johannes Brahms
Denis Wright Music For The Royal Fireworks Test Piece 988 G F Handel
Denis Wright Dream of the Waltz Waltz 533

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