Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Andrew Mackereth Keep Me Praising Hymn / Religious 1255 Andrew Mackereth
Andrew Owenson Napoli - CORNET SOLO Solo 635 Herman Bellstedt
Anthony Spurgin Jamaican Rumba - Incomplete - No Flugel, 1st Horn, 1st trombone or Bb bass. Misc 35 Arthur Benjamin
Arthur Bliss Dignified Occasion - FANFARE Fanfare 1182 Arthur Bliss
Arthur Jesse Riders In the Sky Misc 344 Stan Jones
Arthur Jesse Anniversary Waltz, The Waltz 958 Al Dublin & Dave Franklin
Arthur Wood So Deep Is The Night Misc 378 Frederic Chopin
Aubrey Winter Amparito Roca March 676 Jaime Texidor
Aubrey Winter Washington Grays March 936 C S Grafulla
Aubrey Winter Telegrams Misc 109 Johann Strauss
Aubrey Winter Casino Dances Misc 240 Josef Gungl
Aubrey Winter Roses from the South Waltz 531 Johann Strauss
Aubrey Winter Golden Valse, The Waltz 101
Austin Rayner Cwm Rhondda Hymn / Religious 333 John Hughes
Barrie Hingley Musket, Fife and Drum TV / Film / Stage 900 Jim Parker
Bernard Reader On Christmas Night Christmas 1039 Traditional
Bernard Reader Chorale Misc 1036 J S Bach
Bernard Reader Prelude 22 Misc 1037 J S Bach
Bernard Reader Cantata 22 Misc 1038 J S Bach
Bernard Reader Pina Shanty - Incomplete - no score. Misc 1045
Bernard Reader When Sunny Gets Blue Misc 634 M Fisher & U Segal
Bernard Reader Star Wars Selection 1043 John Williams
Bernard Reader Trio Sonata - TRIO FOR FLUGEL, HORN & BARITONE. Incomplete - no score or 2nd baritone. Solo 1046 J S Bach
Bernard Reader Handel's Hornpipe - HORN SOLO Solo 977 G F Handel
Bernard Reader Seven Sea Songs Suite 1042

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