Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Alan Fernie Singin' in the Rain TV / Film / Stage 987 Nacio Herb Brown
Alan Morrison Volare Popular Song 1167 Domenico Modugno
Alan Morrison Sugar Blues - CORNET SOLO Solo 759 Clarence Williams
Alan Morrison Georgia On My Mind - CORNET SOLO Solo 872 Carmichael & Gorrell
Alan Morrison Cry Me A River - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 1133 Arthur Hamilton
Alan Morrison Crazy - FLUGEL / Bb CORNET SOLO Solo 972 Willie Nelson
Alex Mortimer Cantabile from Three Pieces for Organ Misc 13 Frank Bryce
Allan Street Little Donkey Christmas 708 E Boswell
Allan Street Canterbury Tales Misc 267 Hill & Hawkins
Allan Street Till Misc 42 Charles Danvers
Allan Street Try to Remember Misc 48 Harvey Schmidt
Allan Street Song of Norway Misc 129 Edward Grieg
Allan Street Cockleshell Heroes, The Misc 369 F Vivian Dunn
Allan Street Finians Rainbow Misc 371 Burton Lane
Allan Street Fiddler On The Roof Selection 30 Jerry Bock
Allan Street Say Ye Who Borrow from The Marriage of Figaro - FLUGEL SOLO Solo 373 W A Mozart
Andre Waignein Storie Di Tutti I Giorni Misc 819 Maurizio Fabrizio
Andre Waignein Lemon Tree - Incomplete - no score. Misc 865 Freudenthaler & Hinkel
Andrew Blyth Shine Down Hymn / Religious 1253 Smiley, Gersmehl, Farrell
Andrew Duncan Bass Boys, The - TUBA QUARTET Solo 1067 Brian Wilson & Mike Love
Andrew Duncan Soul Bossa Nova Theme from Austin Powers TV / Film / Stage 1018 Quincy Jones
Andrew Duncan Cartoon Classics TV / Film / Stage 1081
Andrew Duncan Scooby Doo (Where Are You?) TV / Film / Stage 1126 Ben Raleigh & David Monk
Andrew Duncan For The Love of A Princess TV / Film / Stage 867 James Horner
Andrew Duncan Titanic, Selections from TV / Film / Stage 719 James Horner

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