Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Little Suite No. 2 Suite 386 Malcolm Arnold
Three Sacred Preludes Suite 410 Kenneth Cook
Three Brass Band Studies Suite 414 Philip Catelinet
Variations on a Ninth Test Piece 246 Gilbert Vinter
Comedy Overture Test Piece 496 John Ireland
English Suite - Incomplete - no score or bass trombone. Test Piece 10 William Lovelock
Ceramic City Festival - Incomplete - No score or bass trombone. Test Piece 12 Stuart Johnson
Severn Suite, The Test Piece 508 Edward Elgar
Coriolanus Test Piece 22 Cyril Jenkins
Passacaglia - on a Theme of Brahms Test Piece 1011 Arthur Butterworth
Vivat Regina Test Piece 273 William Mathias
In Switzerland Test Piece 34 Eric Ball
Land of the Long White Cloud, The - Incomplete - no score. Test Piece 780 Philip Sparke
Coventry Variations Test Piece 1025 Bramwell Tovey
Spectrum Test Piece 285 Gilbert Vinter
Essay for Brass Test Piece 288 Edward Gregson
Voices of Youth, The Test Piece 49 Edward Gregson
Devon Fantasy Test Piece 541 Eric Ball
Purcell Variations Test Piece 798 Kenneth Downie
Les Preludes Test Piece 550 Franz Liszt
Connotations Test Piece 806 Edward Gregson
Voyage of Discovery Test Piece 1052 Goff Richards
Sinfonietta for Brass Band 'The Wayfarer' Test Piece 1053 Eric Ball
Othello Test Piece 76 Drake Rimmer
Lowry Sketchbook Test Piece 822 Philip Wilby

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