Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Skelter - HORN SOLO. Incomplete - no solo horn. Solo 289 Derek Broadbent
Varied Mood - EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 791 Ray Woodfield
Trombola - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 297 Frank Bryce
Realms of Glory - CORNET TRIO Solo 1040 Bernard Reader
My Old Kentucky Home - TROMBONE OR EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 547 J A Greenwood
Serenade For Horns - HORN FEATURE Solo 906 Philip Sparke
Double Top - CORNET DUET. Incomplete - no solo parts. Solo 62 Roy Newsome
Duo for Euphoniums - EUPHONIUM DUET. Solo 301 T J Powell
Keep That Smile - CORNET SOLO Solo 1048 Kenneth Ketteringham
Aspects of Life - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 1049 Don Lusher
Ragtime Trumpet, The - CORNET SOLO. Incomplete - no 2nd baritone. Solo 809 Gordon Kitto
Silver Threads Amongst the Gold - HORN SOLO Solo 1062 W.A. Allison
Lazy Trumpeter, The - CORNET SOLO Solo 88 Edrich Siebert
Frolic for Trombones - TROMBONE TRIO Solo 20 Reginald Heath
A Drummer's Delight - DRUM SOLO Solo 587 Edrich Siebert
La Belle Americaine - CORNET / EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 102 John Hartmann
Aubade - EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 834 Philip Sparke
Flowerdale from Hymn of the Highlands - SOPRANO SOLO Solo 1080 Philip Sparke
In A Persian Market - CORNET SOLO Solo 343 Albert Ketelby
Romanza - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 108 Henry Geehl
Sandpaper Ballet - PERCUSSION FEATURE Solo 598 Leroy Anderson
Concert Variations - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 348 Don Lusher
Lairg Muir from Hymn of the Highlands - CORNET SOLO Solo 1089 Philip Sparke
Summer Isles from Hymn of the Highlands- EUPHONIUM SOLO Solo 1090 Philip Sparke
Alladale from Hymn of the Highlands - FLUGEL, HORN & BARITONE TRIO Solo 1092 Philip Sparke

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