Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Hootenanny Selection 41 Harold L Waters
A New World Fantasy Selection 583 Gordon Langford
2nd Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals Selection 100 Eric Ball
Sabbath Melodies Selection 351 Sidney Trenchard
ABBA Gold - Incomplete - no score. Selection 844
A London Celebration Selection 864 Peter Graham
Songs of the Quay Selection 680 Goff Richards
Candide Selection 725 Leonard Bernstein
Melodius Melodies Selection 474 Herman Finck
Dumbo's Dance - BASS SOLO Solo 745 Ron Gardner
Three Jolly Sailormen - CORNET TRIO Solo 5 Edrich Siebert
Restless Slide - TROMBONE SOLO. Solo 252 J A Greenwood
Nightingale, The - CORNET SOLO. Incomplete - no rep / flug. Solo 8 Harold Moss
Joywheel, The - TROMBONE SOLO. Incomplete - no solo trombone. Solo 257 E Sutton
One Day - CORNET SOLO Solo 997 Goff Richards
Alpine Tuba - Bb BASS SOLO Solo 18 Denzil Stephens
Tenor Trombone Rag - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 21 Roy Newsome
Flying Scot, The - CORNET SOLO Solo 26 Gregor J Grant
Where'er You Walk - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 266 G F Handel
Acrobat, The - TROMBONE SOLO Solo 1016 J A Greenwood
Concorde - CORNET SOLO Solo 779 Roy Newsome
Eternal Triangle, The - TRIANGLE SOLO Solo 1020 Edrich Siebert
Air and Rondo - HORN SOLO Solo 786 Reginald Heath
Father Neptune - BASS TROMBONE SOLO. Incomplete - no score or bass trombone. Solo 286 Roy Newsome
Longings - CORNET SOLO. Incomplete - no soprano or flugel. Solo 789 Terry Camsey

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