Colchester Band Music

1374 Titles (245 Arrangers).
Arranger Title Category Catalogue Number Composer Soloist Pad
Christmas Joy Christmas 991 Erik Leidzen
Christmas Tidings Christmas 991 Richard Holz
Herald Angels, The Christmas 991 Erik Leidzen
Star in the East, The Christmas 991 William E Bearchell
Joy of Christmas, The Christmas 994 Robert Redhead
Two Christmas Pieces - Coventry Carol & O Leave Your Sheep Christmas 1061 Patrick C Rivers
Christmas Praise Christmas 829 Noel Jones
A Carol Fantasy Christmas 1087 Eric Ball
Ding Dong! - Carol Arrangement Christmas 699 Richard Phillips
Christmas Crackers Christmas 701 Ray Woodfield
A Christmas Fantasy Christmas 705 Gordon Langford
A Christmas Finale Christmas 1136 Paul Lovatt Cooper
Fantasy on Good King Wenceslas Christmas 718 Roy Newsome
We Bow Our Heads Hymn / Religious 266 J S Bach
Two Choral Preludes - Incomplete - no solo trombone or 3rd cornet. Hymn / Religious 28 Gordon Jacob
Nothing Do I Bring - Incomplete - no soprano or flugel. Hymn / Religious 789 William Broughton
Our God Reigns - Incomplete - no soprano or flugel. Hymn / Religious 789 James Anderson
A Military Church Parade - Incomplete - no soprano, rep/flug, 3rd cornets, 2nd hn & 2nd trom. Hymn / Religious 546 J Ord Hume
Nothing Do I Bring Hymn / Religious 800 William Broughton
In Memorium / Last Post / Reveille Hymn / Religious 327
Abide with Me Hymn / Religious 328 Gerald Fraser
Arise, My Soul, Arise! Hymn / Religious 594 Dean Goffin
He Can Break Every Fetter Hymn / Religious 596 K Downie
Mid All The Traffic Hymn / Religious 1121 Leonard Ballantine
Prelude on Deep Harmony Hymn / Religious 895 Kenneth Downie

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